3 Ways Massage Therapy Can Benefit You

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At Nill Chiropractic, our Fort Wayne chiropractor offers the latest techniques and services to provide optimal healing. Recognized as a natural complement to the chiropractic lifestyle, massage has a myriad of benefits to offer everyone health and wellness.

Three Ways Massage Therapy Benefits Health

Used for a wide array of health concerns such as addressing personal and auto injury accident, back pain, tension and migraine headaches, muscle strain and more, massage mutually accentuates chiropractic treatments. Let's explore three essential benefits.

1. Allows our chiropractor to adjust you with ease. Because ligaments, tendons, muscles and Fort Wayne chiropractor lists benefits of massagesoft tissues all support the spinal column, their existing condition plays a large role in how much range of motion can take place during a chiropractic adjustment. The massage therapist will apply techniques that soften and strengthen these structures, therefore improving the communication with your spinal column; allowing for a more relaxed and therapeutic adjustment.

2. Massage improves the immune system while enhancing energy. Factors such as the stress of everyday life, a poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle can all contribute to a dip in the immune system. When coupled with your regular chiropractic adjustments, massage assists in improving blood circulation and metabolic waste removal from the body. Patients often report more vitality, less frequent colds and improvement from seasonal allergies.

3. Enhances pregnancy and athletic performance. While pregnancy and athletic performance may seem to be quite different at first, the physical changes of both are quite similar. The bodies of both pregnant patients and athletes are constantly changing over a short period of time. Due to the shifting of muscles, ligaments, tendons and other soft tissue in response to fetal growth and the ever-shifting physical demands athletes face, massage promotes circulation, prevents injury, increases range of motion and helps the body to transition as it changes quickly.

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