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At Nill Family Chiropractic, we have a family history of helping patients in Fort Wayne and the surrounding communities experience the benefits of living a pain-free life. Our chiropractic treatment philosophy is that the spinal column and musculoskeletal system are at the core of a healthy functioning body. Various areas of the spinal column and vertebrae correspond to other areas of the body through nerve endings. When the back and spine are healthy, the rest of the body can operate at peak vitality. But when something is out of alignment in the spinal column or a muscle is strained, it can cause pain in other parts of the body.

Our Fort Wayne chiropractor, Dr. James P. Nill, has studied anatomy extensively and knows where the pain centers for various types of pain are stemming from and is able to target those pain centers. By working on that area of the body he can provide relief for headache and back pain, soothe a muscle strain, and treat a variety of other conditions.

When patients first come to our Fort Wayne chiropractic clinic they may be experiencing a variety of different types of pain. Some may have been in an automobile accident and could be experiencing neck and headache pain from the effects of whiplash. Others may have suffered a workplace injury and might be seeking relief for mid back pain or low back pain. Athletes frequently come to us after having suffered a sprained ligament or a muscle strain during training or a sporting competition. A herniated disc may be pressing on the sciatic nerve resulting in sciatic pain for certain patients. Pain may also be evident in other areas of the body such as the head, shoulder, knee, foot, hand, ankle, hip and elbow.

Our Fort Wayne Chiropractor Provides Targeted Relief

Fort Wayne chiropractic care for knee pain and muscle strain

No matter where your pain center may be, Dr. Nill will first take the time to examine you and look for any underlying causes of pain or discomfort. After his careful analysis he will develop a treatment plan aimed at your specific pain center that may include hands-on care, massage therapy or neuropathy. Spinal manipulations and adjustments to the upper cervical area can frequently relieve headache and neck pain. Working on the lower area of the back may relieve the pain of sciatica. Massage therapy is often helpful in relieving a muscle strain and helping to restore full functioning. He may sometimes recommend neuropathy, which involves using an infrared device to improve the circulation of oxygen-rich blood.

Once his treatment plan has accomplished the goal of relieving your muscle strain or headache pain, Dr. Nill may recommend continuing treatment to continue strengthening the core areas of your body and reducing the likelihood or intensity of future injuries. He may also provide lifestyle counseling and nutritional advice to help keep your body operating at peak efficiency. Nill Family Chiropractic can help relieve your pain through all-natural treatments and compassionate care. That's why we say, "We don't just treat the pain, we treat the cause."

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