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  • Fort Wayne Back Pain Treatment Target Pain Center
    Fort Wayne Back Pain Treatments Target Pain CenterAt Nill Family Chiropractic, we have a family history of helping patients in Fort Wayne and the surrounding communities experience the benefits of Read more
  • Strong Muscles Keep you Upright
    Strong muscles keep your body upright and allow you to move. Good muscle strength and balance are critical to maintain proper posture and minimize muscle tension. Your muscles function much Read more
  • Headache and Neck Pain
    Who hasn't had neck pain at one time or another? What's more, many of us have experienced on-going neck troubles at some point during our lives. Looking at human anatomy, it's Read more
  • Strong Bones are Important
    Strong bones are important for all of us, not only for the aging baby boomers about whom we're hearing so much lately. And, "strong bones" are much more than a Read more
  • Getting a Good Night Sleep
    Americans spend more than $2 billion each year on sleep-aiding medications. Sleep is supposed to be a natural process. What's going on? There are many issues in the way of Read more
  • Gluten Intolerance What Do I Need to Know?
    Approximately 40% of Americans have the genetic potential to become gluten intolerant. More than 1% of Americans have celiac disease. In fact, this percentage may be a low estimate because Read more
  • How To Have More Energy
    So far 2009 has been a rollercoaster ride - many great new developments. And yet the worldwide economic turmoil has been very, very rough on most people. Stress levels have Read more
  • Four Resolutions for a Healthier Back
    Four Resolutions for a Healthier BackEat more vegetables. Stress less. Take the kids out to the park more often. You may already have a long list of resolutions for the Read more
  • Being Young, Feeling Young, Looking Young
    Poets throughout the centuries have helped us see that being young is a state of mind. That special state of mind impels us to take actions on our own behalf, Read more
  • We are Like Computers
    We function a lot like computers: garbage in produces garbage out, while great stuff in produces great stuff out. We talk to ourselves far more than we talk to others. Read more
  • Choices & Decisions
    Scientists tell us that much of our self-talk is negative, so learning to be kind and supportive in your mental chatter is a direct step toward a well mind. Practice Read more
  • The Best Treatment for Trigger Points
    Trigger points are painful nodules in muscular tissue, commonly found in the upper back, low back, and gluteal muscles. Trigger points are frequently chronic, persisting from day to day without Read more
  • Natural Strategies for Parkinsons Disease
    Natural Strategies for Parkinson’s Disease                                                         Nill Family Chiropractic                                                                  260-459-2205                                               Parkinson’s disease belongs to a class of conditions called movement disorders.  The disease involves a degeneration of part of the brain Read more
  • Spring Can Bring Showers of Depression
                    Spring Can Bring Showers of DepressionSpring’s arrival puts most people in a pleasant mood, but there are some who experience the opposite feeling. For those suffering from seasonal depression Read more
  • Change Unhealthy Habits
                    Change Unhealthy HabitsThere are three things that have to happen to successfully change a habit. The first is that you must make the decision to change. When you make Read more
  • Chosing the Right Diet for Me
    Choosing the Right Diet for MeIt seems as if every few months there’s a new diet whose rules and requirements we must follow if we’re going to reach the goal Read more