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  • 10 Home Remedies for Allergies
    Spring's pollens. Summer's smog. Autumn's falling leaves. Winter's house dust. For millions of Americans, each change of season brings its own brand of allergy triggers and irritants. For people with Read more
  • How Not To Hurt Your Back In The Garden
    How Not to Hurt your Back in the GardenPosted in Gardening Answers by rlentz | July 9, 2012Gardeners of all ages but especially us Social-Security-eligible gardeners know all too well Read more
  • Replacement Parts: What You Need to Know
    If you've ever been involved in a motor vehicle collision, you're probably familiar with the term "replacement parts" or "crash parts". Your auto insurance company will usually offer to repair Read more
  • Repairing an Injured Rotator Cuff
    As we get older, rotator cuff injuries become more common, a result of the natural aging process. A similar mechanism operates in the discs separating the vertebras in your lower Read more
  • Home Improvement
    You've finally decided to paint your kids' bedrooms. Not only that, but you're going to do it yourself. Congratulations. Or your rooftop gutters have become so filled with leaves that Read more
  • When the Cure Is Worse than the Disease
    Chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes have increasingly high prevalence in world populations.1 Such prevalence is rising despite extensive use of prescription medications. Problematically, many people have two or more Read more
  • A Fresh Coat Of Paint
    As all real estate brokers know, a fresh coat of paint will make any property look good. Whether your home is a row house in Baltimore, a Paris atelier, or Read more
  • Avoiding Diabetes
    The worldwide type 2 diabetes epidemic has been thoroughly documented.1,2 Yet despite extensive study and analysis, there has been little actual progress in slowing the spread of this chronic disease. Numerous Read more
  • The Top Shelf
    www.nillchiropractic.comMany adults begin to develop shoulder pain, even though they may not have sustained a specific injury. It's important to pay attention to such shoulder issues, as a healthy shoulder Read more
  • Mission Impossible
    Everyone knows what he or she "should" do to obtain good health. But the mere knowledge of what we should be doing is never enough. If we've not been in Read more